How To Know About Emergency Codes In Hospitals

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  • We are discussing Emergency Codes in Hospitals.
  • Emergency codes are used to identify and notify the most appropriate individuals of an event that requires an immediate response and action.
  • Emergency codes are standardized and include a colour coded system which is sent by the Hospital Association.
  • The hospital emergency codes are coded messages often announced over a public address system of a hospital to alert staff to various classes of on-site emergencies.
  • Hospital emergency codes are typically varied widely by location, even between hospitals within the same community.
  • In order for a code call to be useful in activating the response of specific hospital personnel to a given situation.
  • Such codes are generally denoted on placards throughout the hospital or ar written on worker identification badges for prepared reference.




          Different types of emergency codes in hospitals are given below,


  • These Emergency codes are used to intimate the emergency conditions into the hospitals.


  • Code red is used for to identify the Fire conditions in the hospitals


  • Code blue is used to identify any medical emergency for the patients.


  • Code pink is used for to identify the child abduction (missing) in the hospitals.


  • Code black is used to identify the bomb threat in the hospitals.


  • Code orange is used to identify the hazardous materials in the hospital surroundings.


  • Code green is used to identify the violent behaviour of the patient or patient attender.


  • Code grey is employed for to spot the disaster either internal or external surroundings of the hospitals.


  • Code white is used to identify the paediatric emergency or child emergency.


  • Code silver is used for to identify the controlled access its means person with a weapon.


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