Quality Assurance

How To Know About Quality Assurance Job Guidance In Pharma Industry

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The responsibility of QUALITY ASSURANCE is determining, negotiating,

and agreeing to Quality procedures, standards, and specifications.




Education and Experience For Quality Assurance:


  • Bachelor pharma degree preferred for Qualification Assurance.


  • Experience in implementation of corrective action programs.


  • Pharma products or pharma industry-specific experience.


  • Computer skills in MS Office, QA applications, and databases.


  • Knowledge of relevant regulatory requirements.


  • Knowledge of tools, concepts, and methodology of QA.


  • Quality inspection, auditing, and testing experience.


  • Certifications an advantage including quality auditors, quality engineer, quality improvement associate, six sigma etc.






  • The responsibility of QUALITY ASSURANCE is determining, negotiating, and agreeing of Quality procedures, standards, and specifications.


  • The Pharma industryØhaving some policies and procedures, these are followed by QUALITY ASSURANCE   officers.


  • The QUALITY ASSURANCE should have maintained some standard operating procedures.


  • The Q.A officers will give some directions about sampling procedures and sampling techniques.


  • The Q.A officers will provide the Quality inspection control system rules and regulations.


  • The QUALITY ASSURANCE department will monitor each and every product and their sample results.


  • The Q.A department will guide about Internal audits and External audits.


  • QUALITY ASSURANCE department will encourage Development methods and Preventive actions.


  • The QUALITY ASSURANCE department will investigate customer complaints and issues about products.


  • The Q.A department will provide proper training for newly joined employees of the plant.


  • The QUALITY ASSURANCE department should have maintained proper and standard document system.


  • The Q.A department will follow the validation process for each and every equipment.




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