How To Know About The Budget Of Hospital Pharmacy

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We are discussing budget of hospital pharmacy. The budget should measure the current financial performance, and the budget tells you how much money you need to carry out your activities. In hospital pharmacy Budget play an important role, in this different types of standards and procedures are observed, those are mentioned below.


  • OP Sale: It is out-patient pharmacy sale, we have count both card sale and cash sale.


  • OP Return’s: some of the o.ppatients, they will return the medicines, so this is considered as an o.p returns.


  • IP Issues: It is in-patient pharmacy sale, this total bill will collect before patient discharge from the hospital.


  • IP Return’s:  Some of the i.p patients, they will return the medicines, so this is considered as an i.p returns.


  • Discounts: some patients are having health insurance or senior citizen health cards, so in this situation, we are considered as discounts.


  • Purchase: some of lacking items we are getting from vendors, so the vendors are sending the items through the goods receipt note, based on these we are observing the total amount of purchased rate.


  • Dialysis: The dialysis patients are daily visitors to the hospital because they have to check their health conditions daily on the basis of dialysis.


  • Ward issues: some of the emergency medicines we are not able to arrange immediately by these causes some medicines we are stored in the wards. So these issues are commonly called ward issues.


  • Consumption: All the departments like O.P, I.P, dialysis, ward issues are total amounts are calculated and it is known as consumption of today sale.


  • Closing stock: The closing stock is considered at morning 12.00 am to 12.00 am. When the consumption is removed from the total stock, the closing stock will have occurred.
  • The budget is a basis for financial accountability and transparency.


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