How To Know About Warehouse Department in Pharma Industry

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Warehouse In Pharma Industry




Warehouse management within the pharmaceutical industry trade has its own set of distinctive rules that have to be compelled to, so as to stock, to choose and ship product in an exceedingly means that conforms to the various rules that the market sectors demand.



Introduction to Warehouse:


  • In this stores, the department we are collecting raw material from the vendor.


  • Then it will send to the Quality control department to sample test.


  • The finished products are kept under a separate section, and these are ready to sending out through the distributors.


  • The indents are requesting from all departments like Production, Quality control, Quality assurance, and Research and Development departments.


Different types of Labels in Warehouse:


  • In this warehouse different types of labels are available, those are


  • Approved labels: this area unit in inexperienced color (green color) label.


  • To be tested: this area unit in the orange color label.


  • Rejected labels: this area unit in the red color label.


  • In these store department, each raw material having their individual code numbers.


  • The raw material and finished products are stored in good containers and calibrated refrigerators.






Different types of Equipment in Warehouse:



  • In these warehouse department, we have a tendency to are victimization differing kinds of equipment those are


  • Advisement balances, refrigerators, drums, carbyles, trollies, glassware’s, labels, and containers etc.


Different types of Records in Warehouse:


  • Following records should be in place:


  • Receiving materials like delivery challan, invoice, and checklist.
  • Issuing materials like BMR, BPR, and issuance copy.
  • Receiving packing list, outgoing invoice list, delivery challan copy with an authorized signature.
  • Monitoring temperature and humidity.
  • Cleaning operation.
  • Pest control.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Recall
  • Inventory like inward stock registers.
  • Log of signature like formats.






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