How to know about Bulk Industry In Pharma || Pharma Guide

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In Pharma Industry, we have three stages.

  1. Bulk
  2. Active Pharmaceutical ingredients
  3. Formulations.


We are discussing Bulk Industry.


In these Bulk Industry, different types of departments are involved.

Those are    1. Production

  1. Quality control
  2. Quality assurance
  3. Research & Development
  4. Stores
  5. Maintenance.


In Bulk Industry, two or more ingredients are reacted at a certain temperature and it’s produced one product.

This product is known as Final Product.

In these Bulk Industry, we are using different types of equipment’s, those are Reactors, Centrifuge, Filters, Crystallizes, Valves, Condensers, and Receivers.


In Bulk Industry, we are using different types of Documents, those are


B.M.R- Batch manufacturing records

E.U.R- Equipment usage records

D.R- Deviation records

C.R- Cleaning records





The process is involved in the following steps, those are,

  1. Charging or addition
  2. Mixing
  3. Quenching
  4. Drying (water)
  5. Filtration
  6. Purification
  7. Drying (vacuum)
  8. Unloading
  9. Packing
  10. Labeling.


After finishing of labeling it’s is known as Final Product.


This Final Product is sent to the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients through the vendor.


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